Escape artist Zoro unmasked

UNMASKED: Zoro the beloved family pet.
UNMASKED: Zoro the beloved family pet.

This is Zoro, the siamese cross moggy that went missing while in transit at Singapore Changi Airport during a journey from Brunei to Christchurch.

Stuart Alpe contacted The Press yesterday to claim ownership of Zoro and provide a photo of the runaway cat.

Alpe thanked the staff for their commitment and "all-round concern for Zoro".

"Without their high level of professionalism I am sure Zoro would have been an illegal immigrant to Singapore."

Yesterday, The Press reported that airport security guards, quarantine staff and their dogs searched Christchurch Airport for Zoro after his cage was found empty in the hold by luggage handlers.

Airline spokesman Murray Wild said the airline did not know how the cat managed to escape from its cage, slip past security staff and stroll out of the airport in Singapore.

A Ministry for Primary Industries spokesman said he had never heard of another such incident.

"My understanding is that it [cats escaping from their cages] is very rare."

Zoro arrived back in New Zealand on March 10 and must spend 10 days in quarantine before rejoining his owner at their new home.

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