Lotto's $10m winner remains secret

00:31, Mar 18 2013

The winners of Lotto's $10.8 million Powerball had no idea they held the winning ticket until this morning.

The prize - struck on Saturday - was the second time Lotto Powerball had been won this year, Lotteries Commission chief executive Wayne Pickup said.

A second first division Lotto ticket was also sold in Petone, Wellington, netting that winner $500,000.

Lotteries Commission spokesperson Emilia Mazur said the $10.8m winners checked their ticket at a Marlborough shop today. They did not know they had won till the ticket was run through the machine.

The shop called the Wellington office and put the winners through.

Meanwhile, Peter and Claire Matthews, the owners of Redwood Lotto in Blenheim, the shop that sold the winning ticket, said they had sold winning tickets before, but "there's been nothing in this league".


Peter Matthews said until now, the biggest win for a customer had been $1.5m in 1997, which was still unclaimed. In June last year he sold a $500,000 winning ticket.

"I'm still in shock."

Big Lotto wins had made a huge difference to customers' lives, he said.

He knew of two people who had paid their mortgages off and one who bought a house and one who gave a lot of money to family members.

He said their outlet was popular because of its lucky reputation.