Armagh building to come down in April

18:04, Mar 20 2013

Christchurch's ever-diminishing skyline will shrink again by May.

The earthquake-damaged BNZ Armagh building, which looks down New Regent St from the north, has been stripped of its insides in preparation for demolition, which should be largely finished in two months.

The distinctive red roof will go first before the heavy machinery, scheduled to arrive on site in mid-April, moves in.

Glenn Taylor, of building owner Tailorspace Investments, said the demolition of the 11-storey building would move quickly.

"If they can get [the heavy machinery] there on time . . . they'll probably get 50 per cent of it down within a week. They don't muck around.

"It slows down after that. The site should be clear by mid-May but they'll still be working on site sorting out the basement."


Tailorspace's demolition contractor Ceres was talking to those working on reopening New Regent St to ensure next month's long-awaited return was not interrupted.

The BNZ Armagh land has been mooted as a link between New Regent St and the Avon River, a move Taylor said Cera were "keen" on in January.

"There's a dialogue, but I can't really talk about it," he said yesterday.

"It's a bit sensitive."

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