$300 fine for leaving toddler in street

00:16, Apr 04 2013

A man who left a 22-month-old boy unattended in a pram during a late-night drinking session in Fitzgerald Ave has been fined $300.

The child was found in the pram by another person, and James Craig Duffy, a 43-year-old sickness beneficiary, was located walking back to the boy.

The child's father had left to look for somewhere to stay after the men had gone drinking about 2.20am on March 28. 

The boy's father has also been charged, but did not appear in court as required today.

Duffy pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court to a charge of leaving a child without making reasonable provision for supervision and care.

Duty lawyer Trudi Aickin said Duffy had "wandered off momentarily".


Judge Gary MacAskill said Duffy clearly had been left with some responsibility for the child and had failed to fulfil it.

"The child was left without supervision. You were intoxicated, which no doubt contributed," said the judge, imposing the $300 fine.

The maximum penalty on this charge is a fine of $2000.

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