June 6 Chch's most congested day

23:24, Apr 04 2013
Traffic in Christchurch snow
SNOWED UNDER: The most congested day in Christchurch was on June 6, 2012, when heavy snow blanketed the region.

Christchurch is among the five most congested cities across Australia and New Zealand, research from SatNav makers TomTom shows.

In a study of more than 161 cities across the world, an index of Australian and New Zealand cities showed Auckland is ranked as the third most congested city, with New Zealanders spending up to 92 hours a year caught in peak-hour traffic.

Click here to read the full 18-page (PDF format) report on traffic congestion in New Zealand and Australia.

Sydney and Perth held the top two spots and Christchurch ranked fifth, below Melbourne.

Overall, New Zealand was given a congestion level rating of 27 per cent - a figure taken from comparing travel times during non-congested periods with travel times in peak hours.

Christchurch's congestion level was 28 per cent.

The most congested day in Christchurch last year was June 6, when heavy snow blanketed the region.

The report says Cantabrians lose an average of 30 minutes for each hour driven during rush times.


The worst times to travel in Christchurch are Tuesday morning and Thursday evening, with congestion rising to over 66 per cent when compared with non-peak times.

Commuters travelling in peak-hour traffic have the best run on either a Friday morning or a Monday night, where congestion levels can be as low as 44 per cent.

Tom Tom Asia-Pacific vice-president Chris Kearney said it was hoped the information would help governments and authorities across the world to make more informed decisions about traffic congestion.

The index is based on real-time data captured by vehicles driving the company's entire road network. Its traffic database contains more than six trillion data measurements and increases by five billion measurements every day.

No New Zealand cities made the top 10 list for most congested in the world.

Moscow, Istanbul and Warsaw took the top three spots, while Sydney was the only southern hemisphere city to make the list at No 7.

Most congested cities in Australia and New Zealand:

1. Sydney
2. Perth
3. Auckland
4. Melbourne
5. Christchurch
6. Adelaide
7. Brisbane
8. Wellington
9. Canberra

Most congested cities in the world:

1. Moscow
2. Istanbul
3. Warsaw
4. Marseilles
5. Palermo
6. Los Angeles
7. Sydney
8. Stuttgart
9. Paris
10. Rome