Canterbury mayors to stand again

18:39, Apr 24 2013
David Ayers
DAVID AYERS: The mayor of the Waimakariri District says he will stand for the mayoralty again this year.

Six months out from the local body elections the mayors of Waimakariri, Selwyn, Ashburton and Hurunui districts have all confirmed they are likely to seek re-election.

Waimakariri District mayor David Ayers said he was keen for a second term in office as the region still had a lot of earthquake recovery work ahead of it.

Hurunui District mayor Winton Dalley, who was elected by a landslide vote in 2010, said he could see no reason at this stage why he would not seek re-election.

Ashburton District mayor Angus McKay said he had made it clear some time ago that he intended to stand for another term. He felt there was too much unfinished business to step aside at this point.

Selwyn mayor Kelvin Coe also confirmed he would seek re-election. If he is successful it would be his third term in office.

He said he was aware of one potential challenger to his mayoralty, but as that person had yet to publicly declare their intention to stand, he would not comment on who it was.


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