$67m to restore cathedral - group

05:30, Apr 30 2013
OPTION ONE: Restoration.
OPTION THREE: Contemporary.
OPTION TWO: Traditional.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the cathedral as it was.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the traditional design.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the contemporary design.

Christ Church Cathedral could be fully restored for much less than Anglican estimates, restoration campaigners say.

The Great Christchurch Buildings Trust today released figures claiming the earthquake-damaged cathedral could be restored for about $67 million, compared with Anglican estimates that restoration would cost between $104m and $221m.

Anglican leaders this month released three options for public feedback.

The options were a modern cathedral costing up to $74m, a reinterpretation of the Gothic cathedral with modern materials for up to $181m and a complete restoration costing up to $221m.

The trust commissioned an experienced quantity surveyor to look at Anglican costings and see if the restoration could be completed more cheaply.

The cheaper costs have been achieved by removing base isolation costs and escalation and inflation costs.


Trust co-chairman Jim Anderton said base isolation was not essential to make the restored cathedral safe.

He said the inflation and escalation costs would be avoided by starting construction immediately and finishing restoration within five to seven years.

The trust believed it could restore the cathedral under a fixed-cost contract.

"We want to show that the church options and costings are unrealistic and misleading. When you pare down the actual prices, you come to a much more conservative figure,'' Anderton said.

"The escalation and inflation costs are included in the Anglican budget as they are looking at a much longer time frame. They are not starting restoration for 15 years.''

He said the $67m budget could be reduced further if companies offered pro bono work on the restoration.

The Anglican restoration budget includes $10m in professional fees.

A spokesman for the Anglican diocese said it could not comment as it had not seen the costings.

He declined an offer by The Press to send it the trust's costings.

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