'Anal' among rejected baby names

06:25, May 06 2013
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NO WAY: Justice, King and Princess are the most rejected names for Kiwi babies.

If you want to call your newborn child Minister, Anal, Saint, VI or V8 then you are out of luck in New Zealand.

The Department of Internal Affairs has released a snapshot of the most rejected names between July 1, 2001 and May 5, 2013.

Of the 311 names rejected, ''Justice'' was the most refused name.

Sixty-two parents tried to name their baby ''Justice'', while two tried for ''Justus'' and one for ''Juztice''.

Royal titles also topped the list with King, Princess, Prince, Royal, Majesty and Duke all making the top 10.

Parents who tried to name their bundles of joy Anal, Lucifer, E, Mafia No Fear, 4Real and Rogue were also out of luck.


Single letter names, such as J, M and C were turned down, as were a full stop (.), a star symbol (*) and 89.

DIA spokesman Michael Mead said since 1995, the Births, Deaths and Marriages and Relationships Registration Act has provided a set of rules around acceptable names for New Zealanders.

Under the rules, names should not cause offence to a reasonable person, be unreasonably long or should not without adequate justification be, include or resemble an official title or rank.

Top 15 rejected names since July 1 2001 to today:

1 Justice
2 King
3 Princess
4 Prince
5 Royal
6 Duke
7 Major
8 Bishop
9 Majesty
10 J
11 Lucifer
12 using brackets around middle names
13 Knight
14 Lady
15 using back slash between names

Top 10 girls names in 2012:

1 Olivia
2 Sophie
3 Emily
4 Charlotte  
5 Ruby
6 Isabella
7 Ella
8 Amelia
9 Sophia  
10 Ava

Top 10 boys names in 2012:

1 Jack  
2 Oliver
3 William
4 Liam
5 Mason
6 Samuel
7 Jacob
8 Lucas
9 Ethan  
10 Noah

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