Boy hit by car in front of classmates

A group of Halswell School pupils were" absolutely beside themselves" after seeing a classmate being hit by a car during a cycle-safety course yesterday.

The boy had stopped at a kerb in Sabys Rd about noon and was sitting on his bicycle when he was hit by a car from behind.

The 10-year-old year 6 pupil was taken to Christchurch Hospital with two breaks in his leg.

Halswell School principal Bruce Topham said the boy was able to return home last night and was "comfortable but still under the influence of sedation".

"He's bright and perky this morning and looking forward to seeing three of his classmates this morning," he said.

The crash happened during the final part of a cycle-safety course run by the Christchurch City Council's safety team.

About 10 year 5 and 6 pupils deemed "expert enough" had been allowed to take a cycle tour of the back roads near the school.

"At that point there was a group waiting at the kerbside to cycle across the intersection one at a time and ... the car was just driving down the road behind them and veered into him," Topham said.

The children who saw the crash were "absolutely beside themselves".

"We had lots of really upset kids yesterday afternoon, but we've got a great community here and everyone pulled together to look after the kids," he said.

Topham arrived at the scene just after emergency services and saw the boy while he was being treated in the back of the ambulance.

"He was in a lot of pain, the poor little bloke."

Topham praised the council's safety team, saying the crash did not reflect the work it did.

"They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

He said the 10-year-old was not allowed to put any pressure on his broken leg for several weeks, but the school was looking at finding a wheelchair for him to use so he could return to school.

Topham planned to let the boy borrow his iPad to keep him occupied while he was at home. 

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