People favour contemporary cathedral - church

03:05, May 23 2013
OPTION ONE: Restoration.
OPTION THREE: Contemporary.
OPTION TWO: Traditional.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the cathedral as it was.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the traditional design.
Christ Church Cathedral
The interior of the contemporary design.

A contemporary new cathedral is favoured by Christchurch people, an online poll conducted by the Anglican Church shows.

Anglican leaders presented three options for a new Christ Church Cathedral. The three options were a contemporary building, restoration of the original cathedral and a traditional design with modern materials.

The contemporary building attracted 51 per cent of the 3741 votes on the Anglican website, compared with 29.1 per cent for restoration and 13.5 per cent for the traditional design. About 6 per cent of voters had no preference.

Christ Church Cathedral
OLD LOOK: A tourist checks out the damaged Christ Church Cathedral.

Anglican leaders will meet early next month to consider a final decision on their favoured design.

The consultation process on the cathedral options attracted 3700 public submissions, 19,000 visits to the website and nearly 4000 referrals on social media website Facebook.

Bishop Victoria Matthews said the consultation was only one part of the decision-making process, and the leaders will not be bound by the outcome of the vote.

"The response and level of feedback has provided the trustees with even more information on which to base their decision. This can only enhance the decision-making process,'' she said.


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