Not your regular pubs

01:51, Jun 11 2013
Man cave
SHED BLISS: Stu Rich relaxes in his "man cave" - the Glo Club.

The disruption to Christchurch's night life has led to the popping up of new clubs and bars.

But the Glo Club and the Bush Bar are not your regular pubs.

Christchurch builder Stu Rich and a group of friends have set up a new bar-hopping circuit that tours all their sheds, or "man caves".

"Basically, some mates and myself, since the earthquakes, struggle to find somewhere to go and socialise and hang out without going too far and that's affordable," he says.

"Within our own group, we often end up in a friend's shed."

The sheds have their own names.


"My shed's called the Glo Club, and my friend Greg, in Tai Tapu, has the Bush Bar. We don't say, 'Let's come to my shed','' he said.

"We say, 'Let's go to the Glo Club or the Bush Bar', and they know where that is."

As well as a name, each shed has its own theme.

"My theme is rugby," Rich says.

"I have been a rugby player my whole life and have recently retired from senior rugby.

''I have photos and memorabilia. There's a fridge and a wooden bar that I built and there's tea and coffee and a beer or two, or whisky. There's a TV set up for watching rugby.

''One of the best memories I have is going to the smallest pub in the northern hemisphere. My man cave has got a similar sort of feel.

"Greg in Tai Tapu is a collector, and he has a few hundred old records. We go to his shed and listen to old music.

"With another friend, we go to his place and play darts."

The group has about 20 members and about 10 or 12 of them would get together informally about once a month to tour two or three sheds where they can "talk rugby, racing and beer".

It even has its own constitution regarding BYO etiquette and is now looking to expand its horizons.

"Myself and my mates, we would love to see some other sheds, even it if was from people of totally unrelated walks of life," Rich says.

"Everyone has a story or a different take or a hobby. We don't want to just talk rugby and racing and beer."

He put a listing on Trade Me offering man cave tours to attract other people who have similar setups, but so far the response has been quiet.

"We've had an inquiry or two. We're not doing a roaring trade," he says.

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