'Feckless' youth sentenced over robberies

02:25, Jun 14 2013

A teen who was involved with a group who drove around Riccarton robbing people has been sentenced to 150 hours of community work.

Daniel Andrew Walters, 19, was sentenced on charges of assault with intent to injure, and receiving.

Defence counsel Kerry Cook said Walters offered to pay reparation for emotional harm to one person, and his share of the $290 reparation for all five offenders.

In the Christchurch District Court, Judge Jane Farish said Walters drove around Riccarton with four other young men last September. They targeted people on the street, stood over them and stole items from them.

Walters was a passenger in the car, and had a broken leg, so was not party to the physical assaults, but encouraged his friends by pointing out people to attack, she said.

He also took possession of an iPhone from one victim.


His pre-sentence report said the offending was out of character, but Judge Farish said he was in bad company, and was a feckless youth with too much time on his hands.

She accepted he was remorseful and that his risk of re-offending was very low.

Judge Farish sentenced Walters to 150 hours community work which could be converted to training, and ordered an emotional harm reparation payment of $200, and his share of the reparation of $58.

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