University 'babe' to the rescue

22:14, Jun 15 2013
BABE: Anna Canning studies Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in International Business and French. She loves the rugby and has great banter.
BABE: Adam Scott is studying Mechanical Engineering. He is very modest with a kind heart and is always willing to lend some chalk.
BABE: Christo Gilbert. Christo is a Pro Civil engineering student and passionate semi-professional surfer. Under his ferociously dark, handsome exterior is a kind, loving heart.
BABE: Liz Lawrence studies a Batchelor of Primary Teaching). She's a great friend and a blonde bombshell.
BABE: Claire Larendo studies a LLB/BA. Claire is a super babe and has incredible style.
JUST FUN: Canterbury University's first babe Adam Scott pictured at university today. Scott ''laughed for about 5 minutes'' when he found out he'd been crowned the inaugural title.

Canterbury University student Hugh Devereaux-Mack is gaining fame on Facebook for saving a fellow student in trouble on the streets of Christchurch last month.

The 23-year-old Students’ Association executive member, Bachelor of Commerce student, and talented violinist was named “Bloke of the Day” on the university’s page on Friday.

The person who placed the post was walking home a bit drunk when two men approached and kept trying to put their hands around them.

Hugh Devereaux-Mack
Hugh Devereaux-Mack was named “Babe of the Day”.

“I was in real trouble and they wouldn’t let me go,” the anonymous post says.  “I started shouting but no one was around. Then out of nowhere this small guy who was running came up and pretended to know me and ask what was going on.”

One of the men shoved Mr Mack when he refused to leave then “the big guy was on the ground with the runner twisting his arm and a foot on the guy’s throat. He told the other guy to let me go and yelled at me to run so I did.”

The victim of the assault called the police but when they arrived everyone had gone.

“I found your fb and sent you a message but everyone deserves to know you are my hero and I will never forget what you did for me, says the post which on Saturday night had over 4300 “likes”. 

It has been a big month for the Marlborough Boys’ College old boy who records on Facebook that met the Dalai Lama June 10 which was one of the most memorable experiences of his life.


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