'Accidents' closing pools frustrating for swimmers

Frustrated swimmers are having to wait for hours as pools are closed and cleaned for "poos and spews".

Graham Condon Pool has seen the most closures of any council pool but closures to Pioneer Recreation Centre's pools are causing more disruption by having to close for up to eight hours everytime there is an accident.

Graham Condon has had a whopping 43 closures this year, while Pioneer Recreation Centre was close behind with 31 closures.

Full figures weren't available for Jellie Park, but they had 14 closures between April and June.

Operations manager Chris Wallace said all but nine of the pools' closures were for faeces or vomit, while the rest were for plant or chemical related reasons.

He thought Graham Condon had seen the most closures because they had a large Learn to Swim programme.

"The closures there are mostly the teaching pool for very young children. They are the most likely to cause accidents."

Wallace said the closures could be frustrating and costly for the pools, who had to close for several hours everytime someone has an "accident".

Closures to Pioneer's pool were the most annoying, Wallace said as their leisure pool took 8 hours to decontaminate.

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