High fence to encircle quake-damaged building

17:00, Jun 21 2013

A large fence will soon envelop the quake-damaged Christ Church Cathedral.

The 2.4-metre-high wooden fence is being built ahead of next week's final central-city cordon reduction.

Although it will encircle the landmark, the building will still be visible through viewing holes in the fence.

"At the moment, the fence is part of the rebuild cordon," a Christchurch City Council spokeswoman said.

"When the cordon is lifted it is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure the site is safe and to prevent unauthorised access."

Anglican Diocese spokesman Jayson Rhodes said it was his understanding that the fence was part of the council's Transitional Cathedral Square project, announced in December last year.

When the Square reopened to the public, it was planned to include a temporary entertainment and gathering space.

Sections of the Square that are safe to occupy are expected to reopen on Friday.


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