Son lies in coma but mum says he'll fight

ROBBIE ROBINSON: Injured after falling off a balcony in Thailand.
ROBBIE ROBINSON: Injured after falling off a balcony in Thailand.

Martina Fox is "clinging on for a miracle" that her son will wake up.

Despite doctors telling her there was no hope Robbie Robinson would recover from his brain injuries, she says he is "a fighter".

It has been nearly two weeks since Robinson, a Christchurch-based scaffolder from Ireland, suffered critical head injuries after falling four storeys from a Bangkok high rise. He remains in a deep coma on life support.

The 32-year-old had apparently locked his keys inside his friend's upper-level apartment before a night out and lost his footing while climbing from a balcony through a window to retrieve them.

He took the brunt of the fall on his head.

Speaking from his brother's hospital bedside last night, Keith Robinson said Robbie had not woken since a security guard found him badly injured on the ground beside the building.

The family was talking to him day and night, trying to let him know "we're here".

"We're hoping in his deep unconsciousness he'll hear us".

Keith, 28, who also lives in Christchurch, said his mother phoned from Ireland with news of the accident.

Their mother, stepfather Pat Fox and Keith's Queenstown-based twin sister, Kim, had also flown to Bangkok.

Martina Fox said doctors had told them there was no hope, but they were not ready to let him go.

"We are clinging on for a miracle. We love Robbie with all our hearts and cannot think of a life without his lovely spirit," she said.

"We know Robbie and he is a fighter. We do not want him to live anything other than a full life. [Through] faith and positive praying, we hope this will be the case.

"We know it's a long shot, but we have to fight for him."

Another burden for the family was the cost of his care.

Despite the family paying for health insurance for most of Robbie's life, their insurance company was not paying because he had been living outside Ireland for more than six months.

They hoped he would stabilise enough so they could fly him to Ireland. He is from Ashford, County Wicklow.

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