$1m win for elderly red-zoner

A Christchurch woman who planned to raid her pension to build a new home can now afford a big upgrade after winning $1 million in Bonus Bonds.

The woman, whose property was red-zoned after the earthquakes, said the odd $200 had "trickled in" over the 40 years she had been with Bonus Bonds.

Now the stress of losing her home and the prospect of using her pension to rebuild a new one elsewhere had ended.

"I'm completely numb," she said of her July 9 draw windfall.

"I am more excited about the different things I can put on the building now. I couldn't upgrade anything before, but I can now."

The woman, who declined to be named but described herself as an "older person", had not yet decided what she would do with the rest of the money.

However, a replacement for her quake-battered car and a trip overseas were on the cards.

"There are a whole lot of bits and pieces that I won't have to worry about now."

She was one of only a handful of people left on her street, and the timing could not have been better, she said.

Coincidentally, her nephew won $50,000 in a recent Bonus Bonds draw.

"We've been fortunate. It's very strange how the wins were so close together. I never expected to win a prize of this size,'' she said.

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