Royal baby's shawl not NZ's gift

04:13, Jul 24 2013
SIMILARITIES: Margaret Stove, who designed New Zealand's official gift for the royal baby, at first thought the newborn could be in her shawl, but later ruled that out.

While the rest of the world was cooing over the royal newborn, New Zealanders were squinting for a better look at the blanket he was wrapped up in. 

When the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William left the hospital this morning, the heir was swaddled in a white knitted blanket.

The scalloped fabric floating beneath him looked similar to the finely knitted shawl New Zealand gave to the family.

CLOSE UP: The similarities between the Kiwi shawl and the royal bub's are less marked in this close up snap (cute!).

However, the Lyttelton woman who designed the shawl, Margaret Stove, said it was "definitely not" the one New Zealand sent.

"Most of the shawl is white, so it's hard to see, but if you look down the bottom it's a completely different shawl. It's got a different edging and not the fern pattern that our gift had."

Stove said she was not surprised or disappointed that the duchess had not yet used the shawl.

"She's probably got her own family shawl that she wanted to use. I'm not surprised ours is not her first pick,'' she said.

"The best chance of them using it would be when a New Zealand dignitary is visiting or something like that. There are so many countries and so many shawls that she really can't please everyone." 

It was not clear when the blanket had arrived. Did someone personally drop it off? Did a courier deliver it? Did the couple even have it yet?

Cabinet minister Steven Joyce told NewstalkZB that his early advice was that it was not "our shawl".

He believed the baby who would be king did not make his public debut in Kiwi knitting.