Soldier refuses to meet attackers

23:33, Jul 24 2013

A soldier beaten unconscious on the roadside near Rolleston has refused to meet his two attackers for a restorative justice conference.

The two attackers pleaded guilty to assault charges last week but the case was remanded to the Christchurch District Court today to see if the restorative justice conference could be arranged.

The charges arose from an incident on June 29, when police say the two offenders were ejected from a pub at Rolleston after a dispute with patrons.

They later incorrectly identified the soldier as being one of the people involved in the argument and attacked him as he walked home from the hotel.

Their car was run up on the kerb in Rolleston Drive and they then tackled the victim to the ground, punched and kicked him until he was unconscious.

The soldier received cuts, bruises, scratches, and a black eye and had no recollection of the incident.


Dennis Te Arama Burrows, 25, and Troyden Te Marino Burrows, 21, appeared before Judge Gary MacAskill today after a remand for the conference to be arranged and a possible offer of emotional harm reparations.

Counsel for Dennis Burrows, Anya Gartner, said the victim had refused to meet the attackers. Her client offered a reparation payment of $500.

Judge MacAskill said he was concerned that the victim had lost consciousness, and that Dennis Burrows had two previous convictions for assault.

"He clearly has a propensity for violence, judging by his record. He may need some form of supervisory sentence."

Troyden Burrows has no previous convictions.

Judge MacAskill remanded both on bail to October 11 for sentence with reports on their suitability for sentences of home and community detention. He ordered a reparation report for Dennis Burrows.

Two judges have now indicated that community work sentences may be considered.

A third man charged, Tupari Paati Tito, 39, has pleaded not guilty, and has been remanded to a pre-trial hearing on August 14.

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