Concern over EQC assessments

05:46, Jul 26 2013

A national surveying body is seeking an urgent meeting with the Earthquake Commission over concerns with how they are assessing quake-damaged Christchurch properties.

The New Zealand Institute of Surveyors (NZIS) is offering its support to EQC after members raised concerns about the methodology and quality of floor level assessment being undertaken by the commission.

NZIS vice-president Jeff Needham said chief areas of concern were how measurements were being taken, and the quality of the final outcomes.

''Considering that floor tilt appears to be a significant damage indicator and the concerns of some of our members, the NZIS wants to ensure accurate tilt assessments are made through the application of appropriate measurement methods and standards," he said.

He said surveyors were ''supremely qualified'' to perform these measurements, and it was ''an area of expertise that is a serious focus for members''.

The NZIS now sought an urgent meeting with EQC to discuss their concerns.


"The people of Christchurch have been through enough and we do not want to see any more uncertainty in such a sensitive environment,'' Needham said.

''We want to offer our support to EQC to assist in getting the right outcomes. The surveying profession can be trusted to carry out these functions correctly.''

Needham said it was ''extremely important'' that homeowners had faith in the EQC assessment processes.

"Whilst the NZIS wasn't involved in the formulation of the assessment guidelines, our organisation represents over 125 years of experience in establishing accurate positions fit for purpose and we are keen to continue our contribution to the Christchurch recovery,'' he said.

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