Fight for rebuild pie

17:00, Jul 26 2013

Christchurch's building industry is squabbling over the spoils of the residential rebuild.

While the region is experiencing its fastest economic growth in a decade, driven by a huge amount of rebuilding work, ructions are surfacing. In the latest issue of the The Press' quarterly publication, The Mainland Monitor, the newspaper analyses the latest economic data and explores the tensions in the rebuild.

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce chief executive Peter Townsend says: "A part of the business sector is frustrated because there is still surplus capacity in the system and they are worried about not getting enough work, and I think that's just the sort of lull before the storm."

Fletcher EQR, managing the under-$100,000 repairs for the Earthquake Commission, is past its halfway point and is moving into more-complex repairs.

But there's also a bigger second wave of building work to come from the insurance companies replacing and repairing homes with claims of $100,000-plus.


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