Giant planes land in Chch

05:19, Jul 30 2013
Emirates airbus
TOUCH DOWN: The two Emirates Airbus A380s make a surprise landing at Christchurch Airport around 1.30pm today.

Two of the world's largest passenger planes have touched down in Christchurch for the first time.

Two Emirates A380s and a Boeing 777 landed this afternoon at Christchurch Airport after being diverted from Auckland when a Qantas plane broke down and partially blocked the runway.

Auckland airport said the plane, which had arrived from Sydney, had problems with its brakes as it was taxiing off the runway.

It waited to be towed for at least half an hour, and flights had been diverted to Christchurch and Wellington.

A Christchurch Airport spokeswoman said the A380s had headed to Christchurch as Wellington airport's runway could not accommodate the world's biggest airliner.

It was the first time the plane had been to Christchurch.


The Boeing 777, the world's largest twinjet plane, flies regularly to and from Christchurch.

The spokeswoman said the planes, which were scheduled to arrive in quick succession about 1.30pm, were not on the ground long and passengers did not disembark.

Before the runway obstruction, flights at Auckland airport had already been interrupted by fog for much of the day.

At least 17 domestic flights were cancelled earlier this morning before the fog cleared briefly at 9.30am. 

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