Missing fishing boat found

08:52, Jul 31 2013

A missing recreational fishing boat with three people on board sparked a search and rescue near Haast tonight.

Family members reported the boat missing shortly after it failed to return to shore at 5pm, when the occupants said they would be back.

It was found over three hours later floating near the Abbey Rocks, off the coast near Haast.

A Haast police spokesman said "it sounds like it will all be over shortly".

"The helicopter has located the boat with the people on board. They've just put the helicopter on the beach because there was nothing much it could do, but there's a fishing boat that should be with them shortly," he said.

The boat was found about one kilometre from the Abbey Rocks, near the Paringa River where it entered the sea earlier in the day.

The boat was described as an old jet boat, and it was understood the three people had been out fishing or craying.

The West Coast rescue helicopter and a number of fishing boats assisted in the search.


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