Caring's a family affair for nurses

18:56, Sep 19 2013
Family of nurses
PROUD PAIR: Pan-Nea Stiles, left, will graduate from CPIT today alongside her daughter, fellow new nurse Hannah Laughton.

A Christchurch mother and daughter who by coincidence ended up in the same nursing class will graduate alongside each other.

Bachelor of Nursing graduands Pan-Nea Stiles, 47, and Hannah Laughton, 25, are among nearly 250 people graduating in person from the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) today.

The pair unexpectedly found themselves sharing a class after coming to the course from different paths.

Laughton had completed an enrolled nursing qualification, while Stiles started with a pre-health certificate to complete her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. "In the early days I didn't know if I could do it but if you don't take the risk you don't know," Stiles said.

The pair said they got no special treatment for being mother and daughter.

"There was never an issue, although Hannah did say to me at the beginning of the degree, 'Remember Mum, we're students, not mother and daughter while we're at CPIT'," Stiles said.

Graduands were called in alphabetical order, but the organisers of today's ceremony will have the pair receive their qualifications onstage immediately after each other.

Laughton will now complete her 12-month post-graduate programme with the Department of Corrections, while Stiles will complete half of hers at Burwood Hospital and the second half at Princess Margaret Hospital.


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