Writer contests Chch East by-election

A mystery fiction writer has been picked by the Democrats for Social Credit party to contest the Christchurch East by-election.

Local resident Jenner Lichtwark was named as its candidate at the party's recent annual conference in Christchurch.

She said she was the best candidate to speak for the electorate's residents as she and her family lived through the quakes.

"You can only understand the problems facing this area if you lived without power, water, or sewerage.

"No-one who was not here during the quakes can really appreciate what our side of town went through and what it needs now to build it back up again," she said.

Lichtwark was also concerned at the "disastrous'' changes the Ministry of Education had made in Christchurch East.

"Children in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch deserve the chance to have well-equipped schools within easy reach of their homes.

"The ministry's slash and burn approach is deplorable. It is too soon after the quakes to make decisions based on numbers. People are moving back to the area, but they won't do that if there are no schools for their children once they get here."

Lichtwark moved to Christchurch from Otago nearly 30 years ago and has always lived in the eastern side of the city.

A former journalist and administrator, she has a B.A. from Canterbury University. Lichtwark is the director and editor of Millwheel Press, an independent publishing company, and writes speculative and mystery fiction novels. She is also involved in music and theatre.

She joins Labour's Poto Williams, Matthew Doocey from the National Party and independent candidate Blair Anderson in the race. Nominations for the Greens candidate close tonight.

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