Public to have say in future of red-zone land

The public will get to have a say in the fate of the large tracts of flat land in Christchurch red-zoned by the Government, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee says.

Speaking at a rebuild and recovery forum on Monday night, Brownlee said he would be keen to run a campaign like Share an Idea to get the community's input into what should happen with the red-zoned land.

Share an Idea was the highly successful six-week public engagement campaign the Christchurch City Council ran in 2011 when it was gathering ideas for the rebuild of the central business district.

The campaign drew more than 100,000 ideas from the public and won the council several awards, including the International Co-creation Award.

Brownlee said he anticipated engaging the public in a similar manner when it came to deciding what to do with the red-zoned land in the city.

The red-zone covers an area around four-times the size of Hagley Park.

Brownlee, who told the forum he was reluctant to start having a discussion about the future of the land while there were still people living in the area as it would be insensitive, said it was possible that some of it might form part of a new flood protection system.

"It could become a huge amenity for the city and could also be used to enhance the residential areas that remain out there by protecting them against flood risk," he said.

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