Thieves take film-makers' gear

01:09, Nov 23 2013
Journalist Barbara Rocha, 33, and photographer Vagner Alcantelado
VAN TROUBLES: Vagner Alcantelado and Barbara Rocha aren't waving now.

Two Brazilians spending a year making a documentary about New Zealand have had their trip derailed in Christchurch.

Journalist Barbara Rocha, 33, and photographer Vagner Alcantelado, 45, arrived in Christchurch about a month ago after spending the previous nine months travelling around the country.

The pair are in New Zealand to make a television series, a web series and a documentary.

However, on Thursday morning they parked their van near Armagh St, only to return about 4.30pm to discover it had been broken into and two cameras, three backpacks, personal items and all of Alcantelado's clothes stolen.

"Of the three cameras we brought from Brazil, we lost two of them, both indispensable for the project," Rocha said. "We still have one camera with which we can film but with much lower/limited quality."

They lost about $6000 worth of belongings.


They were lucky they had their hard drive and computer with them, and therefore had not lost their work.

The couple, who will spend another six weeks in Christchurch, were focusing on the earthquake and the city's recovery. "We are here in New Zealand working on a documentary series called Life's Best Moments - Expedition New Zealand, which has the object to promote New Zealand as a tourist destination," Rocha said.

Despite the theft, they are remaining upbeat.

"I think it's [New Zealand] amazing. I have no complaints about New Zealand," Rocha said.

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