Replacement goes on two months after storm

02:44, Nov 24 2013
Damaged marker posts
DAMAGE: Contract manager of Sicon Ferguson John Keenan with just some of the hundreds of marker posts damaged in the recent winds.

Contractors are still repairing and replacing road signs and posts along South Canterbury's state highway network two months after hurricane-force winds.

New Zealand Transport Agency's Pete Connors said the September winds damaged more than 600 road-edge markers and about 100 road signs.

"There's still a bit of work to do, but it's mostly been finished off ... repairing edge-markers is reasonably easy to do, but a lot of the signs had to be made-to-order."

Connors said the repair costs for the road signs and posts would have been in the "tens of thousands" of dollars.

"In the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. There were farmers who had irrigators snapped in two. Our main cost was tidying up after trees toppled on to the roads," he said.

The winds on September 9 and 10 reached up to 220kmh in parts of the region.

Connors said most of the "important" road signs - such as the give-way and speed signs - were replaced quickly.

"The less important ones we have repaired when possible. In a lot of the cases, they're just on the side of the road waiting to be put back up," he said.


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