What does the fox say, John Key?

05:02, Nov 28 2013
John Key in wheelchair
THE FOX SAID? John Key unwittingly took part in an online craze when visiting Burwood Hospital.

He still has no idea what sound the fox makes but Prime Minister John Key's lack of knowledge of online trends still made a young woman smile today.

Almost unwittingly, he played a small part in a video linked to a song (What does the fox say?) that has gone viral and attracted more than 250,000 hits online. 

Tearra Glastonbury never dreamed Key would talk to her, let alone feature in her own home-made video.

Their chance meeting almost didn't happen yesterday as Key was in his car leaving after a 90-minute visit to Burwood Hospital but the regular in-patient from Palmerston North attracted his attention and he promptly jumped out to greet her.

To his surprise, the 22-year-old was filming the meeting on her phone and asked if he knew ''What does the Fox Say?'' - the name of an electronic dance song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis.

Key was clearly caught out but went along with Glastonbury's direction and eventually got there. In the video, the song says the fox goes ''chachacha chachacha chachacha chow'' and so Key uttered that memorable line.


He still looked confused but Glastonbury was thrilled.

Adding to her glee, Key agreed to sit in her wheelchair and chat with her and her sister, Louise.

There is no truth to the rumour Key was last seen in the back of his Government car searching for the video online.

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