Australian chopper comes down in Antarctica

06:04, Dec 02 2013

A New Zealander is thought to be among three people injured in a helicopter emergency landing in Antarctica.

The pilot and two passengers were injured when the chopper landed 150 nautical miles from Australia's Davis station early on Sunday night.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) said it understood a New Zealander had been on board

"The ministry is in contact with the Australian Antarctic Division to offer assistance and support to the individual, should this be required," MFAT said.

The Australian Antarctic Division said the three people on-board the helicopter were returning from a mission to survey a penguin colony near the Amery ice shelf.

"The helicopter was travelling in tandem with a second helicopter which immediately set down and assisted the injured," it said.


The pilot and passenger on the second helicopter were caring for the injured until additional medical support could be flown into the area and a recovery operation mounted, the division said.

"Reports from the incident site are that all are warm and safe and that communication is being maintained with Davis station.

''Everyone's warm, everybody's well attended to, there's a field training officer who's got extensive wilderness first aid skills down there so they are very well attended to,'' a division spokeswoman told AAP.

It was not known what the problem was with the helicopter, which was operated for the division by Helicopter Resources.

The division said it was looking at what other aircraft were available in the area and weather patterns as it organised a recovery operation.