Anti-allergy drug shown to Milner jury

17:13, Dec 13 2013

The jury in the trial of murder-accused Helen Milner has come face-to-face with the maximum amount of Phenergan she allegedly used to kill her husband.

A container filled with the equivalent of 50 crushed tablets of the anti-allergy and sedative drug was produced by Detective Inspector Greg Murtonat the High Court in Christchurch yesterday.

Milner, 50, is charged with the murder and attempted murder of her husband, Philip James Nisbet, 47, who was found dead in bed at the couple's home in Checketts Ave, Halswell, on May 4, 2009. In a bedside drawer, police found two empty 25 packs of Phenergan.

The Crown alleges Milner drugged Nisbet by mixing Phenergan with his food and then may have suffocated him while he was sedated.

The defence case is that he committed suicide.

Crown Prosecutor Brent Stanaway said the container of Phenergan was produced so the jury knew what 50 crushed tablets looked like.

"It's important the jury do not experiment themselves and the idea of anybody tasting that [Phenergan] would be inappropriate," he said.

Justice David Gendall said: "I'm sure that message is clear."


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