'Proper' home for Hunt family

THRILLED: Nellie Hunt accepts keys to a new home from landlord John Beattie.
THRILLED: Nellie Hunt accepts keys to a new home from landlord John Beattie.

Nellie Hunt can hear the birds in the trees at her new home and has a proper lounge where her family can spend time together.

Every time another person offers her help, she wants to cry.

"I haven't been this happy in ages," Hunt said.

"I've been beyond impressed by people's generosity. It's just been amazing."

Today, a volunteer working bee will lend a hand in repairing the property and cleaning it up.

Hunt recently lost her $220-a-week home in Waltham when the landlord decided to sell the property.

Unable to find a replacement home, Hunt and her three children spent two nights in a tent in Waltham Park. Private landlord John Beattie came forward four days ago and offered Hunt a three- bedroom home in Waltham for $300 a week.

"He's just been so amazing, and so generous," she said.

"This place has a great backyard for my kids, and they can have some space. I actually have a lounge for my family and it's within my budget."

Daughter Mahara, 16, will be living in a campervan Beattie parked on the property for her.

Although the property had been left in a poor condition by the previous tenants, Hunt said she was happy to take it and clean it up because its Waltham location meant she could stay in her neighbourhood.

"I'm only around the corner from my old place," she said.

"My kids can stay near their friends, stay at their school, and carry on with their normal routine. I have a huge support network here."

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