A baby for Christmas

02:40, Dec 25 2013
Kelly and Matt Penny
CHRISTMAS PARENTS: Kelly and Matt Penny are the proud parents of Lucas Ethan, who was born at 4.44am at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

The birth of a Cantabrian couple's son is the turning point for them after a hard few years - and he has a name to match.

Kelly Penny, 30, gave birth to Lucas Ethan Penny at 4:44am on Christmas Day at Christchurch Women's Hospital.

Penny said Lucas meant 'light' and Ethan 'strong', reflecting the qualities he was bringing into the world.

Lucas Ethan Penny
CHRISTMAS BABY: Lucas Ethan Penny was born at 4.44am on Christmas Day at Christchurch Women’s Hospital.

Welcoming their first child was a turning point for Penny and her husband of 11 years, Matt.

''It's been quite a hard few years in Christchurch... having Lucas is coming to the end of this. It's the light at the tunnel,'' she said. 

''We hope he will be a light to other people and be strong.'' 


The couple's property in South New Brighton is on TC3 land. Their house was damaged by earthquakes.

Matt Penny said the couple had moved in with his wife's parents because it did not want to bring Lucas home to an increasingly ''damp and cold'' home. 

Cradling his newborn son in his arms, Matt Penny beamed.

''He was crying and I picked him up and he straight away stopped. He calms down really quickly.''

The family is planning a Christmas celebration in the hospital, where grandparents on both sides will meet their first grandchild.

Lucas was the fourth of seven babies born between midnight and noon today at Christchurch Women's Hospital.

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