Cyclist egged from moving vehicle

03:17, Dec 27 2013
Nigel Pink
EGGED CYCLIST: Nigel Pink was hit in the face while cycling by eggs thrown from a moving vehicle.

Nigel Pink felt as if he'd been hit by a brick, when he was struck on the cheek by an egg thrown from a passing vehicle.

Pink was cycling with a friend on Old Main North Rd about 500 metres from the Old Waimakariri Bridge when the projectile sent him ''skidding'' off the road.

He was hit on the side of his head with an egg thrown from one of four vehicles passing in the opposite direction. It gave him a large lump on the side of his face and broke his cycle helmet.

''It was like a brick. I was just thinking 'Have I got a face left?' I didn't know what was going on,'' Pink said.

Pink said the force of the impact sent him skidding off the road, but he ''just'' managed to stay on his bike.

His cycling companion witnessed the eggs flying toward them, and believed they had been shot from something, as they were as ''straight as an arrow''.


They believe Pink was shot by a second egg in the back of his head, which dented his helmet. He was in a lot of pain, and had blood dripping from his face.

''We were a little bit shocked... I just wanted to turn around and chase them,'' Pink said.

''When I turned around, all I remember seeing was an old white van; I'm very clear on that.''

''I was kind of angry; I was like how dare they ruin my day.''

Police were seeking witnesses and information about the white van.

It was the second incident in Canterbury in the past week involving a cyclist being hit with a projectile from a moving vehicle.

An Australian tourist was hospitalised with an eye injury when he was shot by a paintball gun while riding near Hanmer last Friday.

Police were searching for a similar vehicle in relation to this incident.

Hanmer Springs Constable Peter Wagstaff said an ''older white van or a white or light-coloured people-mover'' was being sought as the offending vehicle.

An appeal for witnesses and information on the vehicle had so far proved unsuccessful, he said.

Detective Senior Sergeant Darryl Sweeney said the two incidents could ''possibly be connected''.

However, descriptions of the vehicles in both incidents were vague, and the victims had only caught brief glimpses of the van.

Sweeney said yesterday's incident happened in a 70kmh area ''so the speed of the vehicles combined with the speed of the cyclists makes for a high speed impact which could easily cause serious injury or a fatality''.

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