Spaceship home heads to Christchurch

SOLD: Raglan's spaceship house.
SOLD: Raglan's spaceship house.

When children asked, Captain Peter Farrell told them his house had come from outer space - that's if their parents allowed it of course.

But now, the spaceship home that has captured the imagination of thousands of Raglan children is blasting off on its next mission to land in Christchurch.

The home featured in the book Baches of Raglan.

The out-of-this-world house was snapped up by Farrell when his ship berthed in Tauranga in the 1970s following a voyage from India.

The former owner of the Raglan Spacehouse died last year.

The "futuro" house, which is built from fibreglass and sits on a concrete pad, is the product of idealistic space race-era thinking by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.

It went on the market in February last year, soon after Farrell's death.

Ray White Raglan director Julie Hanna said there had been huge interest in the property especially when it grabbed the attention of media last year.

She said most buyers wanted to relocate the home and it sold at auction for $80,000 to be dismantled and moved to Christchurch.

Farrell was a well-known local and "lovely old fella", Hanna said, and she believed he would be happy with the sale.

"He would be happy enough just to know that someone loves it enough to take it and give it a new home, because that's what he did."

The Maori-lease land that the spacehouse sat on has been taken off the market as the owner has realised its value, she said.

Maori-lease lands had been selling at about $80,000 for the past few years, but the most recent sale grabbed $295,000. 

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