'Sickening' schoolgirl attack captured on video

19:57, Jan 06 2014
Christchurch girl hit by group
GROUP ATTACK: A Christchurch schoolgirl is set upon by a group of mostly female teenagers in the online video.

A video posted online of a Christchurch schoolgirl being attacked by a crowd of teenagers has been condemned as ''bloody sickening'' by the girl's mother.

The 14-year-old girl was beaten by a group of females in Shirley on Saturday, and the video was posted online.

The footage was uploaded in support of the victim to a Facebook page entitlted Only Kiwis Will Get This.

The video has accumulated more than 3000 "likes" in 12 hours, and has been shared by more than 500 people.

The video shows a girl being dragged by the scruff of her neck into the waiting group of girls who punch her in the head and kick her. She then walks away and collapses nearby. 

The beating takes place on the side of a busy road, as a number of cars drive by in the background. 


The 14-year-old victim told The Press she was "all right", despite having ''a few cuts, a sore head, and a bruised nose'', after the attack.


The fight was over a boy, she said.

On Saturday, she had received a text from a former friend asking where she was and to meet her at a nearby school.

''I ended up going but not wanting to fight. I was sitting there and she came up and kicked and hit me, so I got up to stick up for myself.''

The girls then chased her outside the school grounds, where she was set upon again.

''After that my friend had ran up from across the field to stop it all, and I collapsed on the footpath unable to breathe properly.''

The victim's mother said her daughter phoned her after the attack, at about 4.30pm.


''She was absolutely hysterical. As a parent, it's bloody sickening,'' the mother said.

She had not anticipated the attention the video would get. It has attracted comments from all over the world with most people voicing their disgust on the video. Numerous threats have been made against the offenders.

''It's pretty overwhelming the support that people have put out there. It's just a shame that people didn't stop it [the fight].''

They put up the video to humiliate her, which has backfired.''

The victim and her mother gave formal statements to police this afternoon.

Police said a person, who was sent the video, had contacted police. They did not believe the person was directly involved in the incident.

"We are expecting to receive a copy of the footage today and will be investigating," a police spokesman said.

Social anthropolgist Donna Swift, who has been researching and educating people on bullying between girls for almost 10 years, said violence between young girls was ''something to be worried about''.

Violent and anti-social behaviour between girls was usually linked to "competition for boys, and popularity".

''When you unravel them [the fights], it will come back to something about a boy, or damaging a girl's reputation so she's out of the competition for him.

''It starts with dirty looks and comments, and then escalates into aggression.''

Swift said a major issue was the ''pack mentality'' in girls, as ''so much more damage can be done in a group''.

The rise of the internet had made ''faceless damage'' increasingly easy, she said, and many file sharing sites ''get their attention through other people's misery''. 

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