Bach to the 'futuro' anyone?

16:00, Jan 06 2014
BEAM ME UP: The late Captain Peter Farrell of Raglan in his ‘‘spaceship’’ house.

Every middle-aged man should have a spaceship.

That is according to Christchurch man Tim Hoban, the proud new owner of the "Raglan Spaceship".

After receiving a call from the spaceship's seller, Hoban, a property manager, said he had three hours to decide if he wanted the $80,000 "futuro" house.

With the clock ticking, it was Hoban's fond memories of seeing similar houses as a child that pushed him to buy it.

"I am sure some people may think it's a little crazy but what's cooler than a spaceship?"

It does not worry Hoban that he has not seen the spaceship in person and he is undecided about what he will use it for, but is "open to suggestions".


"It's not really practical for us to live in fulltime but it could be an ideal bach."

Hoban said his first priority was getting the spaceship home to Christchurch.

He will soon travel to Raglan to disassemble it.

"It's a really fascinating structure, made up of 16 different parts that fit together like orange segments and are secured with bolts."

He expects to spend the first half of this year getting the ship taken down, transported and then put back together.

Built from fibreglass, the spaceship sits on a concrete pad and is designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.

The previous owner of the spaceship, which was featured in the book Baches of Raglan, was Captain Peter Farrell of Raglan, who died early last year.

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