Census reveals massive income gap

01:16, Jan 10 2014
Holmwood vs Linwood
TWO HALVES: Holmwood on the left and Linwood on the right.

Households in Christchurch's wealthiest neighbourhoods earn three times more than those in the poorest, census data shows.

Information from last year's census, broken down into within-suburb areas, highlights the inequity in income across the city.

See a map of Christchurch area units here.

Holmwood, a neighbourhood between Fendalton and Merivale, had the highest median household income ($128,300).

At the other end of the list, Linwood households earned a median income of $42,100.

Between 2006 and last year's census, median household incomes increased across the city but some suburbs appear to have been left behind. In some of the poorest neighbourhoods, two-thirds of households bring in less than the city's median income.


When the median household income in 2006 was $48,200, 60 per cent of households in Linwood earned less than $50,000.

Last year, the median income city-wide had increased to $65,300 but 68 per cent of Linwood households still earned less than $60,000. The situation in Aranui has become even more drastic.

In 2006, 52 per cent of households brought in less than $50,000 but last year 66 per cent earned less than $60,000.

In other parts of Christchurch, some neighbourhoods have been booming. Some of the biggest leaps in income were in suburbs around Riccarton and Addington.

From 2006 to 2013, household incomes in Riccarton rose 58 per cent to $58,300, while in Addington the increase was 49 per cent to $53,800.

Some of the smallest changes were seen in the most affluent suburbs. Aidanfield's figure increased by 8 per cent to $88,800 and Halswell West's 13 per cent increase brought the area's median household income to $98,500.

See a full breakdown of average incomes in each area unit across Christchurch in this Excel spreadsheet.

Nationwide, the median household income increased from $51,400 in 2006 to $63,800 last year.


Lowest median household incomes: 2013 census (2006 in brackets)

Linwood $42,100 ($31,200)

Aranui $43,300 ($34,300)

Phillipstown $44,500 ($33,500)

Richmond South $46,200 ($32,100)

Avonside $47,900 ($39,300).

Highest median household incomes

Holmwood $128,300 ($98,500)

Deans Bush $119,400 ($97,000)

Kennedys Bush $116,700 ($85,000)

Westmorland $105,400 ($82,100)

Halswell Domain $102,100 ($79,600).

Percentage of household incomes under the city-wide median income


Linwood 68% (60%)

Phillipstown 67% (58%)

Aranui 66% (52%)

Wainoni 62% (na)

Richmond South 62% (59%).


Kennedys Bush 21% (22%)

Halswell Domain 21% (19%)

Halswell West 22% (23%)

Holmwood 24% (24%)

Deans Bush 24% (22%).

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