Traffic light chaos

00:06, Jan 17 2014
Right-turning traffic
RIGHT-TURNING CHALLENGE: The Press wants to know where you think Christchurch needs right-turn arrows at traffic lights.

Readers of The Press are becomingly increasingly dissatisfied with the state of Christchurch intersections. 

Mainland Live regularly receives questions from readers about the installation of right-turning arrows at busy intersections to assist traffic flow. 

Right-turning traffic has become an increasing problem since the Give Way rules changes came into force in March last year. 

Under the new rule, where a car is turning right, it must yield to cars turning left into the same road.

The new rule has seen road users become frustrated at intersections where traffic volume is high and right-turning traffic struggles to make the turn due to oncoming traffic volumes. 

Some readers have said the new rules mean right-turning traffic often running orange lights in order to get across intersections, with some even turning on the red. 


Changes to population, road works, and commuter patterns mean some roads seem busier post-quake, compounding the give way problem. 

The Press wants to know which intersections you feel are a problem for right-turning traffic, where there is no right-turning arrow. 

Comment below or email and tell us which intersections frustrate you. 

Please try to be clear about which roads intersect, and which turn needs an arrow.

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