McGrath extradition decision to go to minister

22:43, Jan 16 2014

The Minister of Justice will be asked to decide whether former Catholic brother Bernard Kevin McGrath should be sent to Australia to face child sex abuse charges.

The Commonwealth of Australia is asking for 65-year-old McGrath to be extradited to face 252 charges.

Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish has already decided that his extradition should be granted, but the case was then appealed to the High Court which ordered that she should further consider whether the case should be sent to the minister.

She heard further submissions on December 17 and gave her reserved decision today.

She told the court: "I am satisfied that there are extraordinary and compelling reasons for the matter to be referred to the minister."

She said the decision was "mainly on the grounds set out in the defence submissions".

The minister would then decided whether there were extraordinary or compelling reasons not to grant the extradition.

The judge said most of her judgment, which has not yet been typed or released, would be suppressed in a case that is already subject to strict suppression orders.


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