Wrong rates sent out in postal mix-up

20:34, Jan 21 2014

Over 300 Christchurch residents have received incorrect rates invoices after an error at New Zealand Post.

The quarterly rates invoices were sent on the weekend, but a mistake at NZ Post lead to some ratepayers receiving incorrect information.

A Christchurch City Council spokeswoman confirmed 337 incorrect invoices had been identified. She said those invoices would be resent, accompanied by a letter explaining the situation.

NZ Post chief operating officer mail and communications Ashley Smout said the company was "working urgently to investigate how the error occurred and how many people are potentially affected".

"We apologise to Christchurch residents who have been affected by the error, and are working as fast as we can to get to the bottom of the issue. That is our top priority."

Acting CCC CEO Jane Parfitt advised all ratepayers to check the address on their rates invoice (found at the top right) matched their home address. If the address does not match, ratepayers are told to call the council on 03 941 8999 to report the mistake.

The incorrect invoice can be thrown out or put back in the envelope and returned by post at no charge.

Ratepayers who pay by direct debit have been told there will be no change to the direct debit amount, and a correct invoice will be resent in the next week.


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