Golf club thieves are 'duffers'

17:41, Jan 23 2014

Night-time thieves raiding golf club green fee boxes are hitting duff-shots - they walk away empty handed almost every time.

Senior Sergeant Malcolm Johnston said there had been six break-ins at Canterbury golf clubs this month.

Two were at the Waimakariri Gorge Golf Club. Amberley Golf Club was targeted overnight on January 10 and January 19. The Culverden and Amuri golf clubs had break-ins overnight on January 17. Pegasus Golf and Sports Club has also been targeted.

In one incident, diesel and fertiliser were taken. The others, where green fee boxes were targeted, were thought to be related. 

Johnston called the latter ''an exercise in stupidity'', as the green fee boxes were cleared at the end of the day.

''Hardly any of them have got any money whatsoever. They continue to break into the golf courses for no gain at all,'' he said. 

''I simply can't see the sense in what these people are trying to achieve. If you want to identify a stupid criminal, then someone breaking into golf courses repeatedly and getting nothing for it, would have to be, in my view, the definition of stupidity.''

''It's certainly must be a hell of an annoyance for the golf clubs... having to clean up on every occasion and fix the damage.''


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