Football park ban mooted for policeman

21:11, Jan 27 2014
Keith Rose
BAN MOOTED: Keith Rose leaves the Christchurch District Court after being discharged without conviction.

A long-serving Christchurch policeman who assaulted a football referee may be banned from watching games at ASB Football Park.

Senior Constable Keith Rose was discharged without conviction after the incident landed him in the Christchurch District Court last year. He was, however, ordered to pay $1500 emotional harm reparation to the match official he admitted assaulting.

Judge Robert Murfitt told him he "behaved like a spectator from hell".

Canterbury football's governing body, Mainland Football, has now suggested Rose could be banned from the park for up to two years.

The incident occurred last June at the end of a premier league match between Western and Cashmere Technical, in which Rose's son played.

Mainland Football's disciplinary committee fined Western $2000 for breaching the code of conduct and stood its coach down for two games.


Chief executive Mike Coggan said the disciplinary committee would not be taking further action against the club, but the board was considering further sanctions against Rose.

A possible ban from ASB Football Park, which Mainland Football manages and controls, would be discussed at next month's meeting.

"There is no doubt that the board will consider a ban of some description against the spectator," he said. "A number of years ago there was a spectator banned from attending all matches at ASB Football Park for two years."

Coggan said last year's incident had a "major impact" on one of Mainland Football's few premier league referees.

"We need to send a strong message to our clubs and supporters that this sort of activity is not appropriate," he said. "If people take the law into their own hands there are some significant repercussions."

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