Dalziel brushes off councillor complaints

22:08, Jan 29 2014
David East

A first-term city councillor has had another verbal stoush with colleagues but the incident has been brushed off by Mayor Lianne Dalziel as post-election "tensions".

Two Burwood-Pegasus community board members made complaints to chairwoman Andrea Cummings against David East but the issue was passed to Dalziel who said there was no need to take their concerns further.

She denied formal complaints were ever laid.

It is the second time in less than three months that East has rubbed elected officials up the wrong way. Last November, he verbally attacked fellow ward representative Glenn Livingstone at a public Christchurch East by-election meeting.

He allegedly swore but while he denied using a particular word, he confirmed he used inappropriate language.

The incidents are thought to centre on East's involvement and promotion of a large-scale water park in New Brighton which has since been downsized.


Two unnamed board members complained to Cummings after the meeting.

Cummings confirmed East was later involved in a "verbal stoush" with another community board member.

She took the complaints to Dalziel, who promised she would handle them. East said some of the allegations were incorrect but "I do not want to highlight these as I want to move forward."

Cummings was "happy with the outcome" and believed East was "facing a lot of pressure around the water park".

Dalziel said she emailed East but could not recall the exact wording.

"I think it was along the lines that if there were any issues we should have a chat about them.

"I did think it was early on in the term, possibly the (community board's) first meeting and there are often tensions post an election . . ."

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