Smoking ban for new Chch council units

A partial smoking ban will be introduced in Christchurch City Council-owned social housing units and tenants will be offered help to give up cigarettes.

In a move aimed at slashing the council's maintenance bills, councillors have voted to introduce a non-smoking clause in tenancy agreements relating to new units or those that have been remodelled or redecorated.

Tenants in such units will only be permitted to smoke on external porches if they have doors and windows closed so smoke cannot drift inside.

Existing tenants who currently smoke inside their units will be permitted to continue smoking indoors. However, subsequent tenancies will be subject to the non-smoking clause.

Council housing committee chairman Cr Glenn Livingstone said the decision to introduce a non-smoking clause in tenancy agreements reflected the council's support of the Government's long-term goal of making New Zealand smoke-free by 2025.

Council staff would work with Smokefree Canterbury and other health providers to ensure that tenants who smoked were supported to become smoke-free.

Livingstone said the non-smoking policy would mean less money being spent on housing maintenance.

Existing tenants who smoke and occupy units that require remodelling or redecoration would be advised of the new policy. Council staff would then request that their existing tenancy agreements be amended to include the non-smoking clause, or provide notice of the change of condition in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

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