Woman rescued from deep sink hole

A 44-year-old Nelson woman has been rescued after she fell into a tomo, or sink hole, on the Takaka Hill about 11am today.

The woman was able to activate a locator beacon and Tasman Bay Cave Rescue and a team of eight cave rescuers were called out to the scene.

She was trapped in the hole for several hours before the rescue team was able to reach her.

Acting Sergeant Martin Bagnall of Nelson police said the woman had fallen about 10 metres into the tomo.

A cave rescue team extracted her from the hole about 3pm.

She suffered a gash to her leg and other minor lacerations, but had no life threatening injuries.

The tomo was located approximately 200 metres from the shop at Ngarua Caves in a private field.

Staff member Evelyn Dalzelll said the terrain near Ngarua was very rocky, typical of a marble mountain.

"There are lots of tomos," she said.

She said it was not unheard of that people fell into the karst sinkholes, as they were often "hidden in long grass".

The woman had been above ground, possibly orienteering, at the time of her fall, police said.