Another out-of-control party shut down

21:03, Feb 07 2014
Graffiti on Hands Rd
EYESORE: Neighbours are tired of cleaning up graffiti along Hands Rd

Police had to shut down another out-of-control party at a Middleton home despite promises from its tenants that peace would be restored to the community.

About 100 young people hanging around on the road caused a bus driver to complain to police last night.

A police spokesperson said one person was arrested and the party was closed down at about 9.30pm.

Last week tenants at the property said social media - and a problem flatmate - were to blame.

Craig Hunter, 24, and Liam Kelly, 18, promised the return of peace to the neighbourhood.

Graffiti, abandoned bongs, broken windscreens and smashed letterboxes are the result of at least four parties at the men's rented home in Middleton's Hands Rd since they moved in about a month ago.

Police had been to the address every weekend for the last three weeks, including several times on one night to deal with about 200 teenagers.

While police could not stop parties from happening, new legislation meant instant fines could be used as a deterrent to underage drinkers and troublemakers.

On last Saturday, police issued five infringement notices to people for underage drinking. Two weeks earlier, they arrested five people for throwing bottles at police.


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