Farmers get into speed dating

21:20, Feb 11 2014

The Hinds Young Farmers Club has organised a speed dating event in the hope of assisting rural workers who find it hard to meet people.

Treasurer Alastair White said the idea for the event, Farmer Wants a Wife, came from a "completely selfish point of view".

"We were all single and needed to meet some people."

White, who is no longer taking part in the speed dating due to a "change of circumstances" in the past few weeks, said it was "very hard" for farmers to get out and meet people.

"You are rostered on for silly hours a lot of the time and you get every third or fourth weekend off.

"From a townie point of view, everything has just expanded massively, with a big influx of younger people into the town and also with the dairy influx."


White said the group had originally only expected 60 speed-daters, with another 40 attending the after-function for those already in a relationship.

However, with people from Christchurch, Timaru, North Canterbury and Geraldine coming along, between 150 and 200 people were expected.

North Canterbury Federated Farmers provincial president Lynda Murchison said she had heard of a 6-1 gender ratio on farms but was unaware of "hordes and hordes of young men who are desperate for wives and partners".

"It's always an issue for people working in the rural area - it's like anything, the more remote you are the harder it is."

The event will be held at the Ashburton Racecourse from 6.30pm.

Each person will get to date 30 people for two minutes, with a 30-second gap in between each date to exchange phone numbers.

Tickets to the event are $15 for Hinds Young Farmers members and $25 for non-members.

Tickets can be purchased by calling Alastair on 027 487 6780.

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