Flash flooding in Avonhead

06:52, Feb 12 2014

Heavy rain in Christchurch has caused flash flooding in parts of the city tonight, prompting a warning from emergency services for drivers to take care.

About 26mm of rain fell over the city between 5pm and 7pm, causing surface flooding in Avonhead, particularly in the Maidstone and Withells roads area. 

A Fire Service spokesman said firefighters had received various calls from concerned members of the public in Avonhead, but there was "only so much we can do unfortunately" to ease the problem.

"We need people to be aware there is a lot of surface flooding. If drivers take those streets at high speed they're not going to have much traction."

A police spokesman said they had also passed on calls to the Christchurch City Council about surface flooding on Blenheim Rd and Lincoln Rd this evening. 

There had been no reports of crashes or injury related to the flooding, the spokesman said. 


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