Paroled child killer beat up his ex

A convicted child murderer attacked his former partner and threatened to kill her only months after he was released from prison on parole.

The Press can reveal Peter Wayne Ryder, 55, faces another long stretch behind bars after the violent domestic assault last July.

Ryder had walked free from prison four months earlier after serving time for murdering Glen Bo Duggan, the 10-year-old son of his de facto partner, in Christchurch in 1994.

A parole assessment report before his release said he would likely "progress very smoothly" into the community as long as he maintained open, honest communication with support people.

In its decision to release him, the Parole Board said: "He knows the consequences if he does not. He cannot afford to be recalled."

However, Ryder confronted his former partner at her home in Broadhaven Ave, Christchurch, about 10.30pm on July 9, demanding to see her new boyfriend, the police summary said. She told Ryder to leave, but he forced her into the passenger seat of his car and drove away at speed. Along the way he demanded money from her and became more angry after reading text messages on her phone. He told her that if he could not have her, then "no-one can".

He would not let her put her seatbelt on because "he wanted to see her go through the window", the summary said.

Ryder later put his hands around her throat, head-butted her in the face and eye-gouged her, before she persuaded him to let her go.

Yesterday, Ryder glanced at the ceiling as he stood in the dock in the Christchurch District Court and quietly admitted charges of assault with intent to injure and threatening to kill or cause grievous bodily harm.

He was remanded in custody for sentencing on April 7.

Judge David Saunders suppressed the identity of Ryder's former partner, who is not the mother of Glen Bo Duggan.

The Parole Board made a final recall order in September, which means Ryder will not be released from prison until he is deemed to no longer pose an undue risk to society, regardless of the sentence he receives.

It was the second time Ryder had been sent back to prison since he was convicted of murder.

In 2005 he was released, only to be recalled a few months later when he breached the rules by smoking cannabis and having a cellphone.

In its most recent decision to release Ryder, the board said his issues were well known.

"They include his manipulative and deceitful behaviour, impulsivity, relationship instability, and drug use," it said.

However, he had constructed a realistic release and reintegration programme, which included the possibility of work as a truck driver or in scaffolding, or general labouring.

Glen Bo Duggan died from injuries suffered during a two-day beating inflicted by Ryder after $5 went missing from his wallet. The boy had emergency surgery at Christchurch Hospital to relieve brain swelling, but was diagnosed four days later as brain-stem dead.

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